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    Chalk hands. Sweat running down your forehead. The rumble of your dumbbells carried as an echo in the gym. Are you ready for another REP? Definitely yes in these classic shorts! The new NEBBIA shorts are the embodiment of your beginnings.

    Remember why you started.

    Legend-approved shorts have been developed for demanding and hard-working men. We have combined the design of the past with modern technologies. They are made of breathable cotton and polyamide. This adds elasticity and the ability to better wick away sweat and moisture. A rubber waistband with laces, loose fit and slightly arched hem make the shorts a must have for your training.

    No shortcuts. Only 100% commitment and hard work. Keep up what you started!


    1965 is a new men’s collection by NEBBIA that has a very special meaning. It’s made in collaboration with Mr Olympia, the most prestigious bodybuilding event in the world. Inspired by its heritage, we worked together with the top athletes to uncover the secrets of real champions and transform them into clothing. This collection will take you back to the golden age of bodybuilding, to the year when it all started. With 1965, we celebrate the golden era and Mr Olympia legends throughout history. And now you can celebrate with us, too! Embody the hard work and dedication of these bodybuilding icons and pay tribute to your fitness journey.

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