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Concentrate and isolate Milk protein, for muscle mass increase

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    Protein Blend with high biological value formulated only with whey protein, Prostar Whey 2.4 kg by Ultimate Nutrition is synonymous of quality, solubility and pleasant taste, a way to guarantee all the amino acids that your muscles need to recover from heavy weight training; there are two uses that can be made of this supplement, as growth support for mass process, or as powerful antiproteolytic during definition phase, later we will see both in detail.

    Prostar Whey is produced only following low temperatures extraction procedures and by hydrolysis, this means that chemical substances (that could alter the molecular structure of amino acids) are not used during production process. For this reason they will be characterized by a greater bio-activity for protein synthesis or in gluconeogenesis, this means that, this supplement will provide better results with the same dosage. 

    Prostar Whey Ultimate: protein synthesis but not only

    To assist the anabolic window induced by physical exercise, it is necessary to introduce plastic, energetic and rapid absorption nutrients into the body; this is because metabolism must activate a whole series of processes dedicated to total recovery;  otherwise it will take these nutrients from the muscles (amino acids) and partly from the liver to use them in protein synthesis, in order to restore glycogen stocks. In order to prevent all this, (the process of proteolysis), Prostar Whey provides you with great amounts of quickly essential amino acids.

    This however is not enough to for an adequate recovery, in fact although this product releases amino acids in the blood with extreme speed, these macronutrients need to be spread inside the cells to perform the important roles mentioned above; it's necessary therefore a concomitant use of Prostar Whey with an insulinogenic food source, carbohydrates such as Vitargo are fine, only in this way can you exploit all the anabolic and plastic potential of this powder protein

    Protein in your diet to lose weight, try Prostar Whey, that's why

    If it is true that protein nutrients are essential for hypertrophic muscle growth, it is also true that they are important also in weight loss diets, even if their role and  the way of recruitment become different; in particular we recall that a product like Prostar Whey, being very rich in amino acids, contributes to a powerful anticatabolic action, a key aspect in all food programs that are restrictive from the caloric and glucose point of view, let's see why.

    In partial or complete lack of carbohydrates (the main body substrate for synthesizing glucose and ATP) the metabolism must draw on different energetic forms, including fats, and this is good if you want to lose weight, but also on amino acids; in this second case if amino acids are not exogenously supplied, the body will take them from the muscles, causing reduction. With Prostar Whey you will avoid all this by reducing only the adipose tissue and keeping your mass intact; in this case the supplement will be used before training with water. Finally a brief summary of its features:

    -only non-denatured serum proteins;

    -6g of Bcaa per portion;

    -fast release of amino acids;

    -high digestibility and excellent taste;

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    Prostar Whey 2,2 Kg

    Prostar Whey 2,2 Kg

    Concentrate and isolate Milk protein, for muscle mass increase

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