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Nutrex Tested supplement standardized plant extract of Eurycoma Longifolia, great for stimulating the release of testosterone going to improve strength, mass and libido

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Nutrex Tested 60 capsules natural product based on extract of eurycoma longifolia stadarded in saponins and other compounds useful to stimulate and optimize the free share of testosterone, a powerful anabolic hormone that is responsible for different effects that go to improve both the sporting performance and the libido in man. This is not a drug, this is good to remember, and therefore does not require a medical prescription and has no side effects in healthy people who are not allergic to the active ingredients.

From the improved protein synthesis, passing through greater physical strength and up to a faster degradation of the fat but also to support the sexual vigor, these are the main effects that you will experience with the product in question, and that will significantly improve both the performance physical that the well-being of the body. So let's see how the specific effects of the supplement act on the body.

Nutrex Tested to build more muscle mass
Without testosterone man would not have the distinctive traits that characterize him, see deep voice, body hair and even greater muscle mass. This is why products like this are highly sought after by natural body builders, who want to achieve physical fitness but without using pharmaceutical compounds. Improved hormone levels will make protein synthesis much more efficient, and with it the cells will be able to pick up and use amino acids to build new muscle tissue.

But the effect of the compound on the lean mass is not only induced by a speech of myogenesis, and in fact even the incentive to physical strength is involved. In fact, applying more training loads means intensifying the workout and with it going to recruit a greater quantity of motor units, a factor that is in turn connected with the possibilities of growing by physiological adaptation to the effort.

Slimming and sexual stamina with Nutrex Tested
Also from the point of view of the degradation of fat, this supplement can have its say, as testosterone, as part of a hypocaloric and hypoglucid diet, develops a strong lipolytic component that results not only in a faster disposal of fat but also in support of energy production, a factor that is very desirable in the diet.

Another interesting effect is due to sexual vigor, as testosterone contributes to the creation of that hormonal axis that determines an erection in humans and therefore facilitates intimate relationships. Today there are very many men who suffer from such disorders, either because of stress, because of a wrong diet or because of a sedentary lifestyle, but often also for all three factors together. Eurycoma longifolia is also used in herbal medicine as a natural aphrodisiac.

Finally we see the best ways to use the supplement: take the dose on the label in the evening before bed, to facilitate hormonal modulation since physiologically it is at night during the hours of deep sleep that the peaks of production of these are reached compounds, see testosterone but also Gh and somatomedins. We conclude with a brief summary of Nutrex Tested:

extract of eurycoma longifolia stadarded in saponins;
helps the natural production of testosterone;
elevates physical strength and improves myogenesis;
also acts as a lipolytic slimming;
supports sexual vigor in humans.

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Nutrex Tested 60 cps

Nutrex Tested 60 cps

Nutrex Tested supplement standardized plant extract of Eurycoma Longifolia, great for stimulating the release of testosterone going to improve strength, mass and libido