PRO-PLEX BAR 32x35 gr

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Pro-Plex Bars are 35g weight protein bars with with high content of proteins

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Flavors: Cioccolato Biscotto Strawberry-Yogurt COCCO Hazelnut-Caramel
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    Pro-Plex Bar by All Stars is a protein food supplement, bars with high content of proteins!

    Up to 13g of protein per bar!

    Protein is the building block number 1. The body needs an adequate supply, especially for maintaining health and rebuilding. Protein bars can offer quick, easy to carry, and easy changeover between meals.

    The Pro Plex Bar contains between ten and 13g of protein, depending on taste: the Coconut Low Sugar variant (which contains 13g of protein) contains only 1.1g of sugar. Each bar is covered with chocolate and, depending on your taste, can also contain pieces of fruit. An ideal snack to maintain your protein intake throughout the day, to train or simply as a delicious substitute for a high-calorie but low-protein dessert. Each bar has around 140 kcal, not quite low calorie, but clearly below comparable sized chocolate bars.

    * DOSE = 35g
    ** the values refer to the Cherry-Yoghurt taste

    Energy value100g*1 dose
     Valore energetico 360 kcal
    1510 kj
    126 kcal
    529 kj
     of which saturated
    12 g
    6,9 g
    4,2 g
    2,4 g
     of which sugars
    32 g
    25 g
    11 g
    8,8 g
     Proteins 28 g 10 g
     Salt < 0,3 g < 0,1 g

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    PRO-PLEX BAR 32x35 gr

    PRO-PLEX BAR 32x35 gr

    Pro-Plex Bars are 35g weight protein bars with with high content of proteins