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EFX Karbolyn promotes muscle recovery with complex carbohydrates free of sugars and gluten 

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    Karbolyn ® produced by the famous manufacturer EFX is a food supplement that supplies the latest generation of carbohydrates to improve energy stimulation during training.

    While other types of carbohydrates in powder have not been carefully processed to obtain rapid absorption in the bloodstream, the carbohydrates contained in EFX Karbolyn ®, derived from potato, corn and rice, have been processed with technologies more innovative to obtain a final product of excellent quality.

    EFX Karbolyn ideal carbohydrates to restore glycogen stores
    In fact, EFX laboratory technicians use a patented method, called "Enzymatic Milling Process" or an enzymatic process designed to achieve optimal molecular weight and excellent solubility. These carbohydrates are quickly absorbed by the bloodstream and cause rapid gastric emptying without causing side effects such as bloating or abdominal cramps.

    The 5 main benefits of EFX Karbolyn ® are:

    -Quickly restore glycogen stores by optimizing performance, endurance and recovery times

    -Recharge your body with carbohydrates in just 1-2 hours after taking it (unlike other carbohydrates that require taking several hours before)

    -Prolonged Release mechanism, that improves energy levels during training

    -It does not slow down digestive processes with bloating or abdominal cramps,

     In fact, there are two types of carbohydrates:

    Simple carbohydrates (like sugar, fructose, dextrose etc.) and Complex (like pasta, bread, potatoes etc.):

    fast metabolization, in any case stimulate an insulin peak which raises insulin levels in the blood;

    Complex carbohydrates:

    they provide prolonged resistance, being digested more slowly and gradually release glycogen into the body thus hindering the advent of fatigue and the production of lactic acid.

    EFX Karbolyn is quickly absorbed by the body, just like a simple sugar, but it does not cause the typical insulin spikes or falls that occur when the muscles are not fed properly. It has also been proven that EFX Karbolyn is absorbed by the body 18.21% faster than pure Dextrose (a simple carbohydrate), while still providing the lasting energy of complex carbohydrates.

    The result is that Karbolyn releases energy for a longer period of time than any simple carbohydrate, for example glucose has peaks at 30 minutes from intake but it is used up dramatically before 120 minutes. Karbolyn® has peaks at 45 minutes and is still present 120 minutes after taking it, causing an energetic explosion that feeds physical resistance throughout the training session.

    Another feature of the product formulated by EFX is the complete absence of gluten, sugars and substances that stimulate the nervous system, making it usable by all people.

    EFX Karbolyn: how to use
    Being an innovative formula based on high molecular weight carbohydrates, it is widely used in various endurance and anaerobic sports activities. To speed up recovery and restore glycogen stores, we recommend taking Karbolyn immediately after training, while to increase energy during the workout, we recommend assumption about 40 minutes before.

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    Karbolyn 1 Kg

    Karbolyn 1 Kg

    EFX Karbolyn promotes muscle recovery with complex carbohydrates free of sugars and gluten 

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