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Naked Protein Popcorn is the ideal snack to take to provide superior quality isolated whey protein and give psychological support to your diet to lose weight

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Naked Protein Popcorn 100 gr by The Protein Works is the best protein snack in the world, delicious, crunchy and with an unbeatable taste that will provide you with superior quality whey protein, with coconut oil, stevia extract to sweeten and without addition of soy (often full of phytoestrogens) and without artificial sweeteners. This product is ideal at any time when you feel like eating something good, but at the same time you need to support the positive nitrogen balance.

Here no protein blend with junk sources, 100% non-denatured isolate of whey protein, to determine maximum bioavailability and thus guarantee all the amino acids you need to support recovery and protein synthesis; but the characteristics of these snacks are not limited to this, in fact it is probably the psychological push that is most appreciated.

Naked Protein Popcorn: TPW protein fusion patent

This is the peculiarity of the product, the proteins are combined with the other ingredients in order to be able to make a snack that, all in all, except for the nutritional values, is identical to the classic supermarket one. More than 20g of noble protein per package and without any substance harmful to the body. With the product in question it will be simple and tasty to enhance the nutritional protein intake up to the desired quota. Often it becomes difficult to provide the body with all the protein it wants from classic foods, which in the long run can be tasteless and unappealing.

So this is precisely the main function of a dietary food of this kind, providing proteins, and therefore amino acids for protein synthesis, whenever you need it, which, you will soon realize, will not only be nutritional. In fact, if you are in a period of diet to lose weight such a food as well as providing you with plastic support, it will also help your psyche to better withstand food restrictions, with a possible anti-catabolic effect, let's see why.

A protein snack but also antiproteolytic, Naked Protein Popcorn

Although the largest quantities of protein are the main determinant of this food compared to a normal snack of this type, its ratio is also applied as a psychological support to the diet, and therefore, even if indirectly, to the reduction of stress. In fact it is known that long periods of hypocaloric diet are particularly stressful, and from here develops a greater production of cortisol.

This is a hormone, also called stress hormone, with a strong degradation property of muscle mass, so its levels, within the limits of physiologically possible, must be kept under observation. With Naked Protein Popcorn delighting you with a tasty protidum snack, you will also reduce diet stress, and with it the production of the substance mentioned above. Finally a brief summary:

  • 21g of net doors for 100g packs;
  • 100% serum proteins with high biological value;
  • sweetened with stevia and without artificial sweeteners;
  • with organic coconut oil;
  • soy and aspartame free.

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Naked Protein Popcorn is the ideal snack to take to provide superior quality isolated whey protein and give psychological support to your diet to lose weight

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