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Food Supplement with L-Glutamine AKG for Muscle Recovery

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AKG Glutamine of the Swixx Professional brand is a glutamine-based, amino acid supplement that is of considerable importance for those who play sports as it is responsible for numerous muscle processes.

The characteristic that differentiates this supplement from glutamine-based ones is its formulation which only uses glutamine akg, that is linked to an alpha-beta-glutarate group, which amplifies intestinal assimilation avoiding dispersion.

Swixx Professional Glutamine AKG supplement useful to speed up recovery times
Glutamine is part of the semi-essential amino acids, that is, our body is able to produce it independently but not in quantities that satisfy the daily demand, especially in subjects who carry out constant training, which is why it becomes essential to integrate it through food or supplements.

One of the main functions of this important amino acid is related to muscle recovery, as after intense workouts that have "worn down" the muscle fiber, glutamine speeds up muscle reconstruction and lactic acid reabsorption. It is also one of the most used and sought-after supplements in the periods of definition as it hinders the advent of catabolism, a metabolic process that is harmful for the purpose of muscle growth and involves the use of muscle fiber for energy production.

Recent studies have shown that a daily intake of glutamine also has a positive effect on the immune system, strengthening defenses against bacteria and pathogens.

Swixx Professional has chosen to produce this particular formulation with the addition of Akg to guarantee maximum assimilation at the intestinal level since the simple l-glutamine being in crystalline form is difficult to absorb.

Features of Swixx Professional Glutamine AKG
Latest generation glutamine,
better intestinal absorption,
speed up recovery after intense training,
hinders muscle catabolism,
strengthens the immune system.
Recommended intake
Performing many functions we recommend a daily intake in the morning and before going to bed. To speed up recovery times we recommend hiring also in post work-out

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Glutammina AKG 100 cps

Glutammina AKG 100 cps

Food Supplement with L-Glutamine AKG for Muscle Recovery

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