Who we are

Muscle Supplement is a leader as regards sports nutrition, health and well-being.

Muscle Supplement was created to offer the market a complete range of supplements resulting from the experience and success achieved in the largest market in the world: the United States of America.

Muscle Supplement is a company that bases its business model on product quality, the efficiency of the logistics-distribution structure and after-sales assistance. Thanks to its commercial policies and experience gained in the field, Muscle Supplement SpA has become a leader in the distribution of food supplements, natural and organic products, aesthetics, sportswear and accessories. Muscle Supplement SpA can boast a fully computerized and dynamic structure, through the integration of web, administrative and logistic services. This dynamism allows you to receive, fulfill and complete any commercial, administrative and / or technical request. Thanks to the large shipping volume, we can guarantee premium contracts with the main national and international shippers, for which Muscle Supplement SpA is able to offer and provide a precise and punctual service with delivery within 24 hours from receipt of the order. Become a Muscle Supplement SpA partner too, enter a new world of food integration.

"The best never rest"

-Top quality products
-Excellent customer service
-Money back guarantee within 14 days
-Our team

"We believe in a modern wellness model that can be applied daily by every person in the world. Our values ​​aim to spread a conscious culture based on the importance of physical activity and attention to health. We want to offer the tools and products to integrate our values ​​into everyone's daily life. "

With a choice among thousands of products by the most famous brands in the world, Muscle Supplement® boasts the largest online catalog of supplements, cosmetics and organic food. In addition, on Muscle Supplement® you have the possibility to consult in real time the actual expiry date of each single product and lot available, a unique service of its kind synonymous with transparency and professionalism towards all our customers.

Why do our customers choose us every day?
“The services offered, the objectives and the working methods of our Customer Care are aimed at the maximum satisfaction of the needs of our consumers. Numerous customers communicate their satisfaction with the quality of our service, encouraging us to improve more and more. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us, our operators are at your disposal! "

With over 20,000 references belonging to more than 300 brands, Muscle Supplement is one of the largest European stores of sports supplements, natural and organic foods, cosmetics, clothing and accessories.