Peanut butter, the treat that is good for you!

Peanut butter, the treat that is good for you!

Peanut butter was invented In the American continent. It seems that the Incas and Aztecs already used to toast peanuts and then create a paste.

The invention is commonly attributed to a Missouri pharmacist, dr. George A. Bayle jr. in 1890. He was looking for a meat substitute, as it was too expensive for the poorer families. He noticed that the peanuts were very rich in proteins, and invented the recipe for a spreadable cream.

In Italy it is spreading more and more, especially among athletes: the properties of peanut butter make it a healthy food. It is highly recommended to include a moderate amount in your diet.

Let's see the nutritional table (per 100 gr) of a pure peanut butter, that is made up of 100% peanuts:

Calories: 598 Kcal
Carbohydrates: 8.50 g - Of which sugars: 3.10 g
Proteins: 29 g
Fats: 50 g - of which saturated: 7.1 g
Fibers: 10.9 g
Salt: 0.01 g

Which peanut butter to buy? Attention, they are not all the same: often large retailers offer products with a long list of ingredients including added sugars, palm oil and hydrogenated fats.

V-Power recommends relying on the Peanut Butter from Vermont, a US product made with absolute quality peanut butter, with no GMO preservatives or hydrogenated oils.

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